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Sunken concrete is a common issue in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Due to seasonal temperature fluctuations, homeowners can experience wet and dry soil conditions beneath their concrete slab. These temperature changes can cause the concrete to buckle. Leveling concrete is a project that should always be handled by a team of experts. You want to hire a reputable business that will work safely and skillfully. We work within the standards of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Always hire reliable contractors when designing, building, or repairing your property. Projack Canada assures quality for concrete leveling, hardscaping and irrigation systems, including:

  • Work scheduling and completion
  • Clear and complete written contracts
  • Cleanup and safety
  • Experience and specialization

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    Certifications and Memberships

    Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
    Petroleum Safety Training
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    Do you have a sunken driveway on your property? Before getting a quote to have it replaced, contact Projack Canada for a free on-site inspection. Our team will evaluate the problem area and recommend whether lifting or replacement is the best option.


    Home and business owners face common issues in Edmonton and surrounding areas, such as sunken steps, walkways, and concrete patios. All three of these issues can cause tripping hazards and be an eyesore. Projack Canada is Edmonton’s top-rated concrete leveling specialist.


    Polyurethane Foam concrete leveling has become a familiar and trusted method for lifting and leveling sunken concrete. Many people ask if the foam is strong enough to lift concrete. The answer is an absolute yes. Concrete leveling foam is so strong and durable that we use it to lift various concrete structures.


    Benefits of Concrete Lifting vs. Concrete Replacement

    The first step for any concrete lifting project is to have an experienced concrete leveling company, such as Projack Canada, come to inspect the issue. We will provide recommendations regarding whether to repair the concrete slab or whether the problem requires removal and replacement. You can trust us to always make the best recommendations for our clients.

    Cost is an aspect to consider when deciding whether to lift or replace your concrete slab. The investment to repair and lift the concrete will always be significantly less than a complete replacement. We determine the price by the time needed and the amount of material injected to level the concrete. Contact our team for a professional inspection and quote. We don’t guess. We will provide a transparent quote and recommend whether you should proceed with the cheaper concrete leveling option or consider complete removal and replacement.

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    Environmental Commitment

    Projack Canada Corp. is proud of its eco-friendly profile and is identified as a company whose products, services, and corporate practices stand out in terms of environmental commitment. Projack Canada passed a rigorous selection process developed by TerraChoice, an international sustainability consultancy and leading environmental firm. TerraChoice manages the EcoLogo™ program, the most respected certification for excellent environmental standards in Canada and the rest of North America.

    Contact Projack Canada for free on-site consultations for concrete lifting in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and surrounding areas. You can call us for service during business hours at 780‑444-4278 or after hours for emergencies at 780‑916‑7894. Also, ask for details about our:

    • Senior citizens’ discounts
    • Irrigation system winterization special
    • Exposed aggregate sealant service

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