You can avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of removing and replacing concrete that settling and erosion have made uneven. Projack Canada has a solution with reasonably priced concrete leveling. Learn more about the mudjacking process before you call Projack Canada about preserving concrete pads at your residential, commercial, or industrial site in Edmonton or surrounding areas.

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    What is mudjacking?

    Mudjacking is a precise concrete repair method when uneven or sunken concrete is problematic. Mudjacking can raise and level just about any concrete pad, sidewalk, floor, walkway, porch, driveway, or patio. It can also raise and level any concrete structure, such as poured concrete steps or stairs.

    Is there a financial benefit to mudjacking?

    It can save you approximately 60% to 80% over concrete replacement.

    How long does mudjacking take?

    We can complete most jobs in less than 3 hours due to our experience and highly efficient equipment.

    When can we drive on the driveway?

    The same day the mudjacking takes place!

    Will I see any movement in future seasons?

    Sometimes, the ground shrinks, and the concrete settles up to 1/2 inch in the drier months of the year. This settling is moisture-related, and nothing can prevent it.

    Mudjacking FAQ