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Sunken concrete can often be a property owner’s worst nightmare. The initial reaction of most home or business owners is to get a quote to entirely remove and replace the sunken patio, steps, or driveway. Compared to complete removal and replacement, concrete lifting is often the best option to salvage your concrete and will always be the most cost-effective approach. We save you expensive replacements and keeps concrete out of landfills. With concrete lifting, you get a process that lifts and levels your sinking concrete at nearly half the cost and time of replacing. Projack Canada is your concrete lifting specialist for Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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    Do you have a sunken driveway on your property?  Before getting a quote to have it replaced, contact Projack Canada for a free on-site inspection.  Our team will evaluate the problem area and will provide you with a recommendation on whether lifting or replacement is the best option…


    Common issues home and business owners face in Edmonton and surrounding areas are sunken steps, walkways, and concrete patios. All three of these issues can cause tripping hazards, along with being an eyesore. Projack Canada is Edmonton’s top-rated concrete levelling specialist…


    Polyurethane Foam concrete levelling has become a familiar and trusted method to lift and level sunken concrete.  Many people ask if the foam is strong enough to lift concrete.  The answer is an absolute yes.  Concrete levelling foam is so strong and durable that we use it to lift various concrete structures..


    What Causes Sunken Concrete?

    The most common question we get from clients when quoting a new project is, “what causes my concrete to sink in the first place?” Most often, the problem is from one source – the soil below your concrete slab. Concrete will sink when the integrity and stability of the earth below the surface have failed.

    In most cases, one of these three problems cause underlying soil failure:

    • Poorly Compacted Soil
    • Excess Water in the Soil
    • Excess Drying of the Soil
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    During the construction process for any new concrete work such as a new foundation, driveway, or steps, a builder will first have to level the area using fill soil before pouring the concrete. The new earth will not be as dense as the soil beneath it; therefore, the builder or concrete contractor must ensure to compact the ground to increase the density and stability. If the soil is not compacted correctly before concrete pouring, it will eventually settle, causing the concrete slab above it to sink and crack.

    Moisture levels in the soil below your concrete also play a crucial role in the stability of your slab. If the ground becomes excessively dry, it will shrink, potentially creating voids into which the concrete can sink. On the opposite end of the spectrum, excess moisture caused by heavy rain can soften the soil and clay beneath the concrete. Soft ground does not have the integrity required to hold heavy weights and therefore is prone to having concrete sink into it. For these reasons, it is essential to keep a close eye on your concrete slabs during the dry and wet seasons. If you see any signs of your concrete sinking or cracking, contact our team immediately. We will come out and inspect the area and provide our recommendation for how to best proceed.

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