Sunken Steps & Patio Leveling


Common issues home and business owners face in Edmonton and surrounding areas are sunken steps, walkways, and concrete patios. All three of these issues can cause tripping hazards, along with being an eyesore. Projack Canada is Edmonton’s top-rated concrete levelling specialist. We will repair, lift, and help prevent further damage for any sunken concrete on your property. The most significant advantage of lifting concrete versus replacement is the cost. Concrete levelling costs significantly less than removing and replacement of your existing concrete. Give the experts at Projack a call if you have any of the following issues on your property:

Sunken Steps | Sunken Patio | Sunken Sidewalk | Sunken Walkway | Sunken Driveway

Similar to issues with driveways and home foundations, steps, patios, walkways, and sidewalks will sink when the underlying soil loses its integrity. This foundation inconsistency can happen for a multitude of reasons, such as:

Water pooling | Soil gets too dry | The soil was not correctly compacted

If you see any signs of sunken concrete on your property, do not hesitate to give our team a call. Our experts will visit your property to provide an on-site inspection along with recommendations on how to correct the issues.

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    How to Prevent Sunken Concrete

    We often get asked about the best way to prevent sunken concrete. One solution, especially for concrete slabs around your home, is to ensure your property has proper drainage. Water pooling in the soil around or below your concrete will be a significant source of sunken concrete issues. If you are building a new home, it is crucial to ensure the builder and landscaper grade the soil to lead water away from your home and driveway. If you have an older home and notice water pooling in areas around your concrete, we would recommend having a contractor take a look. Proper land grading to prevent pooling will help avoid costly damage to your foundation and all other concrete around your home. Call Us With Questions at (780) 444-4278

    Throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas, home and business owners count on Projack Canada mud-jacking to quickly and economically level their shifted or sunken concrete structures. Call us if your driveway or walkways are uneven because of erosion or natural settling. We guarantee lower costs and less environmental impact than removal and replacement.

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