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Do you have a sunken driveway on your property? Before getting a quote to replace it, contact Projack Canada for a free on-site inspection. Our team will evaluate the problem area and recommend whether lifting or replacement is the best option. Lifting is often a suitable option to salvage your driveway. Most importantly, lifting and leveling will always present significant cost savings for the homeowner compared to full removal and replacement.

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    What Would Cause a Driveway to Sink?

    Issues with the soil beneath and surrounding the area are most often the cause of sunken driveways. Soil erosion, excessive moisture, excessive drying, or improper soil compaction before pouring the concrete driveway can all lead to soil failure, causing the concrete to sink. Older homes will often face issues related to poor water drainage, causing water pooling. Water pooling will soften the soil, negatively impacting the ground’s integrity and stability. Softened soil cannot support the weight of the driveway, which will cause it to sink. Newer homes often encounter issues with sunken driveways due to the settling of the soil below and around the driveway. Adequate compaction of the earth below the driveway is crucial before pouring the concrete. If you see issues with a sunken driveway, contact the team at Projack Canada to get your free estimate. Our team is always here to help.

    How Do You Lift a Driveway?

    Projack Canada raises and levels your uneven, sunken concrete by injecting a specially formulated, fluid grout material underneath the slab through two-inch holes. As the grout fills the voids to lift and support the concrete, our professionals re-establish the slab’s level and grade before they fill the access hole with concrete to leave a flawless surface.

    The benefits of correcting uneven concrete with slab-jacking include:

    • Strong slab support by providing a new foundation
    • The process takes a few hours, rather than days, for a complete replacement
    • Significant cost savings when compared to full concrete replacement

    If you have a sunken driveway, contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Driveway Leveling
    driveway before levelling